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Organic Hot Pepper Jalapeno Chilli Pepper Seeds
Approx. 20 seeds

Organic Hot Pepper Jalapeño

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Organic Jalapeño: Capsicum annuum

 - Classic Jalapeño Chilli plant, ideal for pots and containers

 - Hot, pungent flavour Scoville rating of 2,500-5,000shu

 - Sow indoors, transplant after the last frost.

 - Harvest Late Summer through Autumn. 

Organic Jalapeño, the original fiery chilli pepper is the well known culinary variety with fruits hot enough for a good kick, but still mild enough to use as a vegetable.

High yielding with long, slightly tapered fruits that mature from green to red. Fruits typically grow to 7-9cm in length and weigh 20-25 grams. Skin features classic Mexican Jalapeño scarring. Plants can reach up to 1 metre under cover. Has hot, pungent flavour, with a Scoville heat rating of 2500-5000shu. An ideal variety for pot growing on a patio or conservatory.

Sow: January to April indoors. Surface sow on a free-draining, damp, good organic seed mix at temperature of 18-20°C. Transplant into 8cm pots when the first true leaves appear. Transfer outdoors in pots or hanging baskets after the last frost.

Grow: Prefers a sunny or partly-shaded spot with well draining soil in 30cm pots. Water consistently and feed with a high potash tomato fertiliser weekly after first fruits have set.  

Harvest: August to October. Constant picking will encourage more production on the plant. Once developed the longer you leave them before picking, the hotter they will become.

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