About us


We love gardening, especially growing our own seeds and nurturing them into plants giving us lovely home-grown vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Plahnt was created out of a desire to find a solution to minimise the plastic and foil usage in selling seeds, so we use slightly different packaging to what you will find in the garden centre. All our packaging is compostable/recyclable and is made mostly from recycled material and is printed using vegetable inks.

We recommend storing our packets in an airtight, moisture free tin or glass jar with a tight fitting lid to ensure their quality before and after opening. This is the same as how you would store any opened packet of garden centre bought seeds. Our seeds are mostly organic certified by the Soil Association with only a few exceptions.

We try to source everything else we sell as close to home as possible, which is why you will find mostly British made products in our online store. This is to minimise unnecessary shipping of products from further afield and to support talented craftsmen nearer home. 

We hope you enjoy growing your own plahnts as much as we do!