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Hot Pepper Cheyenne Plant Seeds
Approx. 6 seeds

Hot Pepper F1 Cheyenne

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Hot Pepper F1 Cheyenne: Capsicum annuum

 - Best chilli for drying, making chilli flakes and pepper, ideal for pots and containers

 - Hot chilli with a Scoville rating of 30,000-50,000shu

 - Sow indoors, transplant out after the last frost.

 - Prolific fruiting throughout the summer.  

Hot Pepper ‘Cayenne’ is an upright variety producing good yields. A compact chilli pepper (45cm in height) with medium sized, red/orange fruits 10-15cm long. Ideal for windowsills and patios, with prolific fruiting throughout the Summer season.  The flavour and thin skin make it the absolutely the best Chilli Pepper for drying and making your own blend of Cayenne chilli powder (pepper) or chilli flakes.

Sow: January to April indoors. Surface sow on a free-draining, damp, good organic seed mix at temperature of 18-20°C. Transplant into 8cm pots when the first true leaves appear. Transfer outdoors in pots or hanging baskets after the last frost.

GrowOutdoors in sunny sheltered position in well draining soil. Water consistently and feed with tomato fertiliser weekly after first fruits have set.

Harvest: August to October. Pick when fruits are green to encourage more to follow and leave to ripen to red. Subsequent fruit can be left on plant to ripen or picked and ripened in the same way to encourage further fruiting. 

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