Aubergine Black Beauty Organic Seeds
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Organic Aubergine Black Beauty

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Aubergine Black Beauty: Solanum molengena

 - Heritage variety, produces many small 12cm oval fruits

 - Early cropping variety ideal for container growing.

 - Sow: Jan-Mar

 - Harvest: Aug-Oct

Aubergine Black Beauty is a heritage variety dating back to the 1800s. It produces deep purple pear shaped fruits about 12cm long.

One of the most reliable and prolific aubergines, fruits mature early so you should get a crop even if it is a less-than-perfect summer.

Sow: January to March

Sow under cover from January to March and outside after the last frost. 18-21ºC is needed for germination which can be achieved in a greenhouse, window sill or cold frame. Transplant into 8cm pots when small plahnts are 5cm high.


Harden off and plant out after the last frosts in a 30cm container either under glass or on a warm sunny part of the garden/patio.

Support with canes as it grows and when 40-45cm tall, snip off the growing point to increase yield and encourage bushiness.

Water regularly and feed with a tomato feed every two weeks after the first fruits have set.

Harvest: August to October

Harvest when fruits are 12cm long and shiny. The duller the fruits the more bitter the flavour.

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