Organic Baby Leaf Lettuce: Rosalo
Approx. 400 seeds

Organic Baby Leaf Lettuce: Rosalo

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Organic Baby Leaf Lettuce: RosaloLactuca sativa

 - Baby Leaf Lettuce with dark red mass of leaves

 - Naturally strong pest resistance.

 - Early sowing right through to late Autumn.

 - Harvest: Apr-Oct

Rosalo is an aphid-resistant, baby-leaf type lettuce producing a mass of dark red leaves. These can then be picked individually as required and provides an attractive addition to a veg patch or window box display. It can be sown early in the year and all the way through to late Autumn.

Sow: Indoors from February. Outdoors from March. Plahnt to 6-12mm deep at a temperature no more than 18°C. Seed will germinate in 7 to 14 days. Transplant to growing site when large enough at a distance of 20-30cm. Sow little and often to ensure a continuous supply.

Grow: Sunny or part shade, in fertile soil. Lettuce is about 95% water and will grow rapidly if the growing season is cool and moist. Keep soil moist, dry soil can cause bolting. 

Harvest: May to October - pick when big enough for the salad bowl. Harvest all lettuce in early morning for the maximum carotene and best taste - refrigerate immediately.

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