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Organic lemon basil seeds
Approx. 350 seeds

Organic Basil Lemon

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Lemon Basil: Ocimum basilicum

 - A neat, compact windowsill herb

 - Bright and pungent citrus flavour.

 - Sow all year round (indoors), June onwards (outdoors)

 - Harvest: All year round

Lemon Basil, Ocimum basilicum is a herbaceous member of the mint family. The genus name ‘basil’ is derived from the old Greek word basilikohn, which means 'royal,' reflecting that ancient culture's attitudes towards this regal herb.

Lemon Basil is bright and pungent aromatic variety of basil with strong citrus notes due to the high levels of citral and the flowery fragrance of linalool. A very versatile herb, perfect to use with fish, chicken, Oriental style dishes or to dress salads, sauces and desserts. It also makes a wonderfully citrus pesto.

Lemon Basil will grow happily on a sunny windowsill and also outside in a sunny, sheltered spot after the last frost. A tidy, compact plant reaching 30cm tall has thinner leaves than Sweet Basil and if allowed to flower produces small pinkish flowers (the leaves though taste better pre-flowering).

Sow: All year round indoors at temperature of 22-24°C and direct sow from June onwards outdoors. When 6cm tall transplant into 8cm pots. For windowsill herbs pot on once more into a 12cm pot otherwise transplant into the growing site. Succession sow to have a constant supply and pinch out flowering stems to encourage leaf production.

Grow: Prefers a sunny sheltered spot with well draining, neutral fertile soil. Keep moist but don't overwater and avoid watering overnight or watering foliage. Pinch out growing tip 2 weeks after final transplant to encourage bushy basil plants.

Harvest: All Year Round

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