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Organic Beetroot Alvro Mono Plant Seeds
Approx. 100 seeds

Organic Beetroot Alvro Mono

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Beetroot Alvro Mono - Beta vulgaris

 - Fast growing, early croping variety

 - Sow direct outdoors, March to July

 - Harvest: April to October

 - Golf ball size baby beets or main crop tennis ball size

Beetroot traces its origins from the Mediterranean via Western Asia and was introduced into Britain around the 16th Century. The modern beetroots relate more to sugar beet and Swiss chard than to the original wild plant. Throughout history beetroots have been used as a treatment for various digestion and blood ailments as well as being an important tool for dyeing fabric in the textile industry.

Alvro Mono is a mono-germ variety of Beetroot. It is very fast growing so will give the earliest crops, produces neat, round, roots which can be pickled whole when young and are ideal as a beetroot for bunching.

Sow: March to July. Sow direct into well-prepared soil. They can tolerate a light frost but are best planted at soil temperatures above 7°C. Beetroot need plenty of moisture to germinate. Ideally thin seedlings to about 8-10 cm apart. Sow a little and often to ensure a continuous supply.

GrowOpen sunny spot with a sandy loam. Keep moist but don't overwater as this encourages leaf rather than bulb growth.

Harvest: July to October. Harvest baby beets at golf ball size or main crop at tennis ball size. Any bigger they get woody.

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