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Carrot Bambino Organic Seeds
Approx. 400 seeds

Organic Carrot Bambino

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Organic Carrot Bambino: Daucus carota subsp. sativus

 - Quick growing 'Baby' Carrot, ideal for containers.

 - Easy growing in most soils and great for succession sowing for a season long crop.

 - Sow: Feb (under cover) to August

 - Harvest: 12-15 weeks, in the evening

The modern carrot is dervied from the wild carrots and were first cultivated in Afghanistan over 1000 years ago with the orange root first appearing in mainland Europe in 15th Century.

Carrot Bambino is a 'baby' or 'mini' carrot (10-15cm) ideally suited for container growing owning to its shorter roots and quick growing nature. A deliciously sweet flavoured variety which is best grown in small numbers every few weeks during the season to maintain a constant supply.

Sow: Success with root vegetables lies in well prepared soil. A fine crumbly texture with minimal stones is ideal, do not add manure as this makes the soil too rich.

Sow under cover/fleece from February until the weather gets warmer, in an open, sunny site.

Mix the seeds with a handful of sharp sand to aid visibility of where the seed has fallen as well as aiding drainage. Once seedlings are showing, thin out to 10cm apart to encourage quick growth to harvest size.

Grow:  The carrots will mature in 12 to 15 weeks.

Harvest: Start pulling up your carrots as soon as they are big enough to eat. It’s best to harvest them in the evening to avoid attracting carrot fly. 

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