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Celery Tall Utah Organic Seeds
Approx. 300 seeds

Organic Celery Tall Utah

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Celery - Tall Utah: Apium graveolens

- Tall, crisp stringless green celery

 - Consistent, dependable, disease resistant variety

 - Sow: Jan-Apr

 - Harvest: Aug-Oct

Wild celery is a Mediterranean marsh plant that thrives in damp ditches, often near the coast in many parts of Europe. Known as smallage in 17th/18th century England, it was used to flavour soups.

Celery ‘Tall Utah’ was bred for it naturally strong disease resistance and is a very dependable variety with tightly folded hearts, and broad, moderately ribbed, stringless stalks. Plahnts grow to around 45-60cm tall and are resistant to bolting.

Start seeds early in February or early March for an early crop and sow again in April or early May for late season harvests. Takes 90 to 100 days to reach full maturity.

Sow: January to April

Sow under cover in January to March and outside after the last frost. Surface sow on fine seed compost, as the seeds are so fine it helps to mix with sand when scattering. Celery seeds germinate in light and the rates are not as high as other seeds so sow liberally in groups 5cm apart.

Germination takes place at 21°C and takes around 14 to 21 days, transplant when 5cm tall into individual pots with good compost.


Plant outside when the seedlings are over 10-15cm tall when temperatures have risen over 13°C. Use a good mulch to help keep the soil moist and roots cool and repress weeds. Celery grows slowly and doesn't appreciate any competition.

Blanching the celery lightens the stalks and creates a milder flavour. To blanch celery create a sleeve with brown paper, cardboard carton or tub and cover the steams at least a week before harvest. There's no need to blanch the top leaves.

Harvest: August to October

90-100 days from sowing to full maturity

Harvest stalks from the outside of the plants when large enough or from 70 days harvest the whole plant by cutting at the soil line. Water the plants the day before harvest for best flavour and longest storage.

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