Organic Chamomile Plant Seeds
Organic Chamomile Tea Flowers Plant Seeds
Approx. 1000 seeds

Organic Chamomile

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Chamomile: Matricaria chamomilla

- Daisy like flowering plant

- Commonly used for Chamomile tea

- Lovely scented foliage ideal for windowsills and pots.

- Harvest: June-August on a dry morning

The plant is a hardy annual with feathery leaves said to be apple scented. It grows to between 20-30cm tall. The flowers are daisy like with white petals around a yellow conical middle. 

Sow: March to May - sprinkle seeds in good organic seed compost in a fully sunny spot. Thin if necessary to 8-10 cm apart. Keep watered initially if the weather is very dry.

Grow: Prefers a sunny well drained spot. Keep medium moist, don't overwater.

Harvest: June to August. Cut the flowers when they are fully open, on a dry morning. This is to maximise the volatile essence in the flower.

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