organic courgette genovese
Approx. 20 seeds

Organic Courgette, Genovese

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Courgette - Genovese: Cucurbita pepo var. cylindrica

 - Pale green, lightly-mottled, fine courgette with excellent flavour.

 - High yielding and early fruiting.

 - Sow from April (indoors), May (outdoors).

 - Harvest: July - October.

Courgette is French for small squash or marrow and that is exactly what they are, tender skinned marrows harvested young. One of the easiest and prolific vegetables to grow, courgettes are a great choice for your garden. The flowers can be stuffed, sautéed, baked or used in soups.

Courgette 'Genovese' is a popular professionally-grown Italian variety. It is an early fruiting, high yielding courgette which matures in about 50 days. The plants have an open bush habit which helps when harvesting.

Sow: April (indoors), May (Outdoors). Sow in good organic seed compost at a temperature of 18-20°C. Pot on when the first true leaves appear and harden off allowing 60cm spacing. 

Grow: Prefers a sunny spot with very fertile soil. Water heavily, avoiding the leaves. Feed every 2 weeks with potash tomato liquid fertiliser.

Harvest: July to October. Regular picking will encourage a longer cropping period.

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