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Organic Cucumber Marketmore

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RHS Award of Garden Merit

Cucumber - Marketmore: Cucumis sativus

 - Ideal for those without a greenhouse

 - Disease resisitent, high yielding crop, crisp mild flavour.

 - Sow from March indoors, transplant outside after the last frost.

 - Harvest: July-October, produces heavy crops 20cm long.

Cucumbers originate from India, where they have been grown for at least 3000 years. The Ancient Greeks and the Romans were early connoisseurs but it wasn't until the 14th century that the British developed a taste for this salad vegetable.

The original Marketmore Cucumber was released in 1968 by Dr. Henry Munger at Cornell University, USA with its popularity soon spreading to Europe. Marketmore tolerate cool weather, is very disease resistant and produces a large amount of fruit so is ideal for those who wish to grow cucumbers but do not have a greenhouse. It holds the RHS Award of Garden Merit. 

Sow: Indoors from March, transplant outside after last frost. Sow 6-12mm deep in good quality organic potting compost. Pot into 8 cm pots when the true leaves have formed.

GrowSunny sheltered fertile soil with plants 60cm apart. Transplant into the permanent site using a wigwam of canes placed 60cm apart to provide support. After the cucumber plant has produced 7 true leaves (not including the 2 you get when it sprouts), snip off the growing tip. This makes the plant produce more side shoots, which produce more fruit. Once you see the tiny cucumbers on the plant, feed with a high potash tomato liquid feed every two weeks. Water regularly being mindful of the very delicate stems and water carefully to avoid damping off. 

Harvest: July to October. Pick cucumbers regularly from about ten weeks after planting. The fruit has a smooth, dark green skin and boasts heavy crops of fruit up to 20cm long from July. It has a delightful fresh, crisp and mild flavour.

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