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Organic French Climbing Purple Bean Blauhilde Seeds
Approx. 75 seeds

Organic French Climbing (Purple) Bean Blauhilde

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Climbing French Beans - Blauhilde: Phaseolus vulgaris

 - Ornamental climbing bean with purple flowers and purple stringless beans.

 - High yielding, stay tender even when quite large

 - April/May, plant out after the last frost

 - Harvest: June - October

Beans are one of the longest cultivated plants in the world and the genus Phaseolus originates from Central/Southern America. They were brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus who discovered them growing in fields while exploring what may have been the Bahamas. Beans have been an important source of protein throughout global history and still are today. 

Blauhilde is an ornamental climbing bean producing rosy purple flowers, followed by purple, stringless beans which are normally grown outside but can be grown undercover. High yielding, the pods stay beautifully tender even when quite large. 

Sow: April to May, 5cm deep at 18-20°C. Transplant outside after the last frost allowing 25cm spacing between plants.

Grow: Prefers a full sun spot in neutral to alkaline soils and requires supports to grow up. Water particularly heavily, twice a week in dry weather. Mulch when conditions are very dry. 

Harvest: June to October. Regular picking will encourage more bean production.

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