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Organic Kale: Halbhoher Grun Krauser
Approx. 200 seeds

Organic Kale: Halbhoher Grun Krauser

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Organic Kale: Halbhoher Grun Krauser: Brassica oleracea var. sabellica

 - Hardy over-wintering dwarf variety ideal for exposed plots and containers

 - A dark-green deeply-curled kale which produces an abundance of leaves from later Summer to early Spring.

 - Sow: April to July

 - Harvest: September to February

Kale (or borecole) is part of the cabbage family and early versions of curly-leaved varieties were referred to by the Romans as Sabellian kale, which are considered to be the ancestors of modern kales. Often a neglected crop, it has excellent nutritional properties.

Halbhoher Grun Krauser is a Dwarf Green Curled Kale which is frost-hardy and will happily overwinter. It has dark-green, deeply-curled leaves with a good taste and the plants stay small so are ideal for small gardens or exposed sites. 

Sow: Sow seed in April and May indoors in a seed tray or directly outside when the soil is warm. Sprinkle seed in shallow drills allowing 15cm between the rows. There is no need to thin the seedlings.

Grow: Kale will tolerate light shade and benefits from a well composted manured soil.

When the young plants are about 10-15cm tall and have five or six true leaves, transplant into the permanent growing site setting the lowest leaves at ground level.

Use a large dibber to make a hole for the root ball and space 45cm between each plahnt firming the soil around the plant. Water the area well the day before and 'puddle' in the plants with plenty of water. Keep the young plants weed free and well watered until established and then only water during dry periods.

Harvest: Harvest from October until February. Leaves are best picked young and tender. You can take individual leaves or cut the main head but leave the plants in as they will produce lots of side shoots.

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