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Organic Red Lettuce Butterhead Roxy Seeds
Approx. 200 seeds

Organic Lettuce Butterhead 'Roxy'

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RHS  Award of Garden Merit

Butterhead 'Roxy' Lettuce: Lactuca sativa

 - Butterhead lettuce with voluminous red leaves

 - Slow to bolt and resistant to tip-burn

 - Early sowing right through to late Autumn.

 - Harvest: Apr-Oct

Roxy is an excellent Butterhead Lettuce variety with voluminous red leaves. So called Butterhead for its sweet buttery flavour and delicate texture of the large, ruffled outer leaves. Cutting into the lettuce reveals a soft, crisp heart. Can be sown early in the year and all the way through to late Autumn. This Hardy Annual is quick to mature, tolerates hot weather and is slow to bolt.

Sow: February (indoor), March (outdoors). Plahnt to 6-12mm deep at a temperature no more than 18°C. Seed will germinate in 7 to 14 days. Transplant to growing site when large enough at a distance of 20-30cm.

GrowSunny or part shade, in fertile soil. Lettuce is about 95% water and will grow rapidly if the growing season is cool and moist. Keep soil moist, dry soil can cause bolting and sow a little and often to ensure a continuous supply.

Harvest: May to October. Pick when big enough for the salad bowl. Harvest all lettuce in early morning for the maximum carotene and best taste and refrigerate immediately.

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