Organic Plain Leafed Parsley Herb Plant Seeds
Approx. 500 seeds

Organic Parsley - Plain Leaved

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Parsley Plain Leaved: Petroselinum crispum

 - Serrated fine leaved herb, better flavour than curly leaved parsley.

 - Harvest: June-October

 - Regular picking encourages new leaf growth

Plain Leaved Parsley is also known as French Parsley and has serrated fine leaves that are easy to grow and have have a better flavour and texture than curly Parsley.

Sow: Sow 10mm deep in damp good organic seed compost at a temperature of 18-20°C from February onwards indoors and from March onwards outdoors after the last frost. Parsley seedlings do not transplant well so growing in pots is a good option.

Grow: Prefers a rich moist soil in partial shade. Keep soil moist; dry soil can cause bolting. Apply a liquid feed every 2 weeks. Remove any lower shoots that begin to turn yellow and any weeds as they appear. 

Harvest: June to October. Picking leaves regularly will also encourage new leaf growth.

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