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Organic Radish Sparkler 3
Organic Radish Sparkler 3 Plant Seeds
Approx. 500 seeds

Organic Radish Sparkler 3

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Radish - Sparkler 3: Raphanus sativus

 - Attractive globe-shaped roots of deep red with a striking white tip

 - Crisp texture with a mild peppery flavour

 - Early sowing right through to late Autumn.

 - Harvest: April - October

Images of radishes can be found on the walls of the Pyramids and have evolved over time with significant variations in size, colour and taste. Various parts of the plants including roots, leaves, sprouts, seed pods and oil from seeds have been used as food. 

Radish - Sparkler 3 holds the RHS Award of Garden Merit and has been a home garden favourite for decades. Sparkler 3 is a small-rooted radish type cultivated for salads and as fresh vegetable and forms attractive globe-shaped roots deep red in colour with a striking white tip. With a crisp texture and a mild peppery flavour, they are high in vitamin C and potassium and contain sulphur compounds. It is slow to go woody and keeps its flavour well.

Sow: Sow direct outside March to September at a depth of 12-15mm. Germination takes just a few days, thin the seedlings to about 25mm apart. Sow successively at two week intervals until late-spring and then again in late summer. Can also be sown under glass during the winter months to provide a constant supply of crisp, crunchy roots.

GrowWherever there is sun and moist fertile soil. Can be ready for harvest in as little as 3 weeks. Consistently water to avoid woody produce and bolting.

Harvest: April to October. To pick, gently hold the tops of the plant twist and lift. Remove the tops by twisting them off with your hands. The tops are very tasty and can be cooked and eaten like spinach.

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