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Organic Salad Rocket Seeds
Approx. 400 seeds

Organic Salad Rocket

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Salad Rocket - Eruca sativa

 - Fast growing crop

 - Fine spicy taste.

 - Sow early Spring under cover or late season onwards

 - Harvest: All year, water well to avoid mid-summer bolting. 

Dating back to Roman times when it was grown for both its leaves (as part of typical Roman meals) and seeds (used to flavour oils and as an ingredient in aphrodisiac concoctions). It made its way to England back in Elizabethan times and has remained a peppery accompaniment to salads ever since.

This variety is very fast growing and ideal for the earliest spring crops under-cover and late season sowings for a winter crop. Will run to seed in the hottest summer weather if the soil is allowed to get too dry. This variety has a fine spicy taste.

Sow: Early Spring (under cover), early Summer, early Autumn. Sprinkle seeds onto good quality organic compost and keep watered. Sow to a depth of 6-12mm. Thin the seedlings to about 20-30cm apart. Sow a little and often to ensure a continuous supply.

GrowSunny or part shade, in fertile soil. Keep soil moist, dry soil can cause bolting and smaller more peppery leaves. In mid-Summer give it some shade or plant it under shade cloth to minimise direct sun exposure and bolting.  

Harvest: All year round. Pick the leaves of young plants as soon as ready. Alternatively let some plants mature to form larger leaves with a more peppery flavour.

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