Organic Sage Herb Plant Seeds
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Organic Sage

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Sage: salvia officinalis

 - Aromatic herb full of flavour

 - Evergreen and hardy.

 - Sow indoors from February, outdoors from May

 - Harvest: May-October

An attractive perennial shrub with aromatic silvery-grey leaves, and spikes of purple flowers loved by bees. Sage is evergreen and hardy and will grow to a height of 60cm or so. After a few years the plants tend to become woody and will need replacing.

SowSurface sow indoors in good organic compost at 21°C. Outdoors from May to June. 

Grow: When the seedlings are a big enough to handle plant into free draining soil 8cm pots. Transplant into the growing site 60cm apart. Sage likes well drained alkaline soil and a fully sunny spot. 

Harvest: May to October. Let the plants establish for their first year and harvest leaves from the second year onward.

History: Sage is an herb that has been used for its flavour and medicinal properties since ancient times. It was a sacred herb in Roman times and is highly prized in Chinese medicine. The name Salvia comes from the Latin meaning to cure or to save. The aromatic foliage has been used for centuries to add to Sunday roasts, flavour stuffing, meats and even make sage tea. 

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