Organic Perpetual Spinach Seeds
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Organic Perpetual Spinach, Erbette

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Perpetual Spinach, Erbette: Beta vulgaris subsp. vulgaris

 - Highly productive, consistent producer

 - Slow to bolt and ideal for small spaces

 - Sow: March - September

 - Harvest: All year round

Erbette or Perpetual Spinach is an heirloom variety which is highly productive with vitamin packed leaves larger than regular spinach, with stems that are much thinner than most chards. As the name suggests it will keep on growing, and rarely runs to seed in its first season. It holds the RHS Award of Garden Merit. 

Erbette Perpetual Spinach responds particularly well to repeat cutting and is one of the easiest and most productive vegetables for a small space. Ican be sown in early autumn for picking right through the winter and into spring. 

Sow: March to September (outdoors). Sow direct into a well-prepared soil in rows 1cm deep leaving 30cm between the rows. Thin seedlings to 20cm apart as they grow. Sow little but often for continuity.

Grow: Prefers a sunny or part shade spot in well draining, fertile soil. Keep soil moist; dry soil can cause bolting.

Harvest: All Year. Pick the outer leaves, leaving the inner ones to replace them.

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