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Organic Spring Onion White Lisbon Seeds
Approx. 500 seeds

Organic Spring Onion White Lisbon

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Salad Onion - White Lisbon: Allium cepa

 - Heritage variety, quick growing salad onion.

 - Low maintenance and ideal where space is limited.

 - Succession sow for produce throughout the year.

 - Harvest: May to October.

Eaten and cultivated since prehistoric times, the word 'Onion' comes from Roman times and the Latin word Unio, which means 'large pearl'. In Middle English, it became unyon, as time passed the word developed into onion.

White Lisbon is a heritage variety of salad onion dating back to the 18th Century and holds the RHS Award of Garden Merit. It is very quick growing and can be sown in succession from February through to late summer. It is relatively low maintenance and not only suited to overwintering, producing early crops but good for successional spring/summer planting too.

Spring onions are ideal for growing where space is limited and grows well in containers or pots of compost on a patio or balcony. 

Sow: February to July (outdoors). Sow direct into a well-prepared soil 10mm deep and allow 10-15cm between the rows. No thinning required. Sow in succession every 3 weeks from March-early May, and then again in August or early September to overwinter.

Grow: Prefers a sunny open, well drained spot. Water regularly and keep weed free. Spring onions are ideal for growing in containers or pots of compost, on a patio or balcony where space is limited.

Harvest: May to October with later sowings remaining through to December in mild autumns. Best when used immediately though they will keep in the fridge for a few days.

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