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Organic Sprouting Pea Seeds
Approx. 20g

Organic Sprouting Peas

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Organic Sprouting Pea seeds: Pisum sativum

 - Sweet and succulent shoots to liven up salads and sandwiches ready in 4-5 days

 - High in proteins, vitamins and minerals, easy to grow on any light windowsill.

 - Sow and Harvest all year round.

 - Use a wide lidded jar or a specialist seed sprouter 

Sprouting seeds are an alternative to Cress and other micro-greens. Particularly great for sprucing up salads and sandwiches all year round and especially in Autumn and Winter when fresh salad is limited.

Pea sprouts are high in fibre and rich in protein plus vitamins B3, B5 and B6. A slightly nutty flavour. Ideal for stir-fries and salads; can be eaten raw, grilled or deep fried. Sprouts typically ready to harvest after 4-5 days.

Use specialist seed sprouters are available but a clean, large, wide necked jar does the job just as well (See instructions below).

Sprouting Seed Jar:

Need: 1 wide necked jar with lid (small holes punched in to create a sieve) or muslin and an elastic band. The seeds need circulation so don't use clingfilm.


  • Make sure that the jars are super clean and sterile
  • Room-temperature water (hot or very cold water can impact germination)
  • Put a handful of seeds into the jar (allow room for expansion as air needs to circulate around each)
  • Soak the seed in the jar for a few hours at the start to speed up germination
  • Put the lid (or muslin) over the top and drain the water.
  • Refill with room-temperature water, drain leaving the seeds damp but not swimming in water.
  • Rinse 2-3 times a day with clean room temperature water.
  • Keep the seeds out of direct sunlight but at room temperature.
  • Harvest when most of the leaves are open and green or de-hull and refrigerate for future use. Keeps for up to 5 days.
  • Clean your jar or sprouting trays thoroughly between uses to prevent any mouldy or bacterial build up.

These seeds are specifically produced for sprouting and not for crop production.

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