Yellow Pepper Organic Seeds
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Organic Sweet Pepper Golden Californian Wonder

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Sweet Pepper Golden Californian Wonder: Capsicum annuum 

 - Yellow blocky pepper

 - High yielding, strong crop with a good taste.

 - Sow: December-April

 - Harvest: July-October

Golden Californian Wonder has been around since the 1920s and is still the largest open-pollinated heirloom bell pepper you can buy. High yielding these yellow blocky peppers have tender, mild and sweet flavour. 60 to 70cm tall plants ideal for pots or growbags on a sunny balcony or patio.

Sow: Sweet Peppers need a long growing season so start as early as you can heated undercover or on a sunny windowsill. Surface sow on a good organic compost at temperature from 20-22°C. Transplant into 8cm pots when the first true leaves appear. Plant outdoors in pots, grow bags or borders after the last frost.

Grow: Prefers full sun and well draining soil. Water consistently and feed with tomato fertiliser weekly after first fruits have set. 

Harvest: July to September. Approx. 70 days from transplanting to first harvest. Pick when fruits are green to encourage more to follow and leave to ripen to yellow.

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