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Organic Common Thyme Plant Herb Seeds
Approx. 800 seeds

Organic Common Thyme

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Thyme Common: thymus vulgaris

 - Powerful flavoured herb

 - Compact shrub, ideal for small spaces

 - Sow February-March

 - Harvest all year round once established

Thyme packs a huge flavour into its tiny leaves and retains its flavour well even in long slow cooking. Originating from the Mediterranean thyme is adapted to growing in hot, dry, free draining conditions. The compact plants are covered in tiny pink flowers from early and mid summer. Thyme belongs to the labiatae family like mint, rosemary, and hyssop and so is loved by bees. Lookout for honey from bees foraging on thyme as this is particularly delicious.

Being compact it is ideal for small spaces including the kitchen windowsill. The leaves are easy to dry and freeze. Although thyme is a perennial it can be grown as an annual with successional sowing through out the season. This way you can extend the season for harvesting the leaves. 

Sow: February to May (indoor) sprinkle in good organic seed compost at 15-20°C. Keep watering minimal to avoid damping off. 

Grow: Prefers a sunny well drained soil. When the seedlings are a big enough to handle, plant into free draining soil in 8cm pots. Transplant when about 5 or 6 cm tall. Plant at a distance of 20–30 cm.

Harvest: All year round once established. Pick lightly in 1st year to allow the plants to establish.

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