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Organic Tomato Koralik
Approx. 20 seeds

Organic Tomato Koralik

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Organic Tomato Koralik: Solanum lycopersicum

 - Excellent little bush variety, ideal for pots or hanging baskets

 - Low maintenance with masses of little tomatoes, blight resistant

 - Sow: Jan-Mar

 - Harvest: Aug-Oct

Tomato 'Koralik' is an excellent little bush variety, ideal for pots and hanging baskets. Good blight resistance, producing masses of tiny tomatoes.

Sow: January to March. Plant seeds in trays or modules of good organic compost between January and March at a temperature of 18-21°C. Seed can also be planted in March and April on a sunny windowsill, or using a propagator for earlier sowings.

Pot up into 8cm pots when the first few true leaves appear and the plants are approximately 8cm tall. Transplant outside after the last frost.

Grow: Koralik like full sun in well draining very fertile soil. For containers the best soil to use is half potting compost and half a general purpose soil-loam compost. Half-Hardy annual, hardiness 5-10°C.

Bush tomatoes like Koralik produce compact plants with numerous short, sideshoots that terminate in a cluster of flowers (fruit). Removing side shoots reduces cropping, so simply leave the plahnt to its own devices. Water consistently and feed with tomato fertiliser every 2 to 3 weeks after first fruits have set.  

Harvest: August to October. Pick as soon as ripe to encourage more fruit. Harvest all as frost threatens and ripen on a window sill.

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